Ordering Process

Step 1
Contact Two Horse Leather with your project
requirements using the email link at the bottom of
any page or by phone.

Step 2
Give me as much information as you have on the
details of your item/items. The less research and
pattern development I need to do the less it costs
you. Detailed photos, measurements, drawings,
etc. all make my work easier and gets you the
exact duplicate of the piece you are looking for.

Step 3
I will give you a cost quote on the item/items from
the information provided. You will also be given an
approximate time to construct and an approximate
delivery time according to the present work load at
Two Horse Leather.

Step 4
You commission the work. Send one half the
quoted price as down payment and to get your
project on the "to do" list. All work is done in order
received by date of payment. You may pay through
any of the options listed below in Payment methods.
Make sure I receive your postal mailing address for
shipping when the item/items are done.

Step 5  
When the work is completed I pack the finished
goods and take to the Post Office for accurate cost
on shipping. .

Step 6
I email you on the final cost. This is the second half
of the payment plus shipping and handling and
Paypal charges if you are using this service.

Step 7
On receipt of the final payment I ship your goods.

Methods  of Payment:

Two Horse Leather accepts payment by US Postal
Money orders, and via the Internet through Paypal.
We do not accept personal checks or credit cards.

Paypal address: 2-horse@adelphia.net
Please use this address for Paypal payments.

Paypal charges are the responsibility of the buyer
and are included in the final price quote by Two
Horse Leather.  Items are shipped only after Paypal
funds have been transferred to the Two Horse
Leathers account.

      Thank You For Your Business,
Ordering instructions
Phone: 814-899-3793
E-mail: 2-horse@adelphia.net